tiaowenXO  700ML  680GMany buyers very concerned about for the price of the glass bottle, as the glass bottles affect the cost of their products. So which factors affect the price of the glass bottles? Let the glass bottle manufactory – Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. tell us the factors which affect the glass bottles’ price. Hope it’s helpful for the buyers or who want to use the glass bottles as a container packaging for their products.

1.Glass bottle weight: this the main factors affect the glass bottles’ price. Mostly of the glass bottles manufactories offer the price to the customers are based on the glass weight.
2.Glass bottle shape: the glass bottle shape would affect the glass bottle price. Some of customer want to use unique glass bottles to hold their products, so they will design some unique glass bottles. This unique glass bottles are more expensive than the common one. As the unique glass bottles are not easy to shape, its final yield is very low, this will increase the production cost of the glass bottle manufactory. That is why the unique glass bottle is higher than others. This one of the factors affect the glass bottles’ price.
3.Quantity of order: the quantity is one of the factors which affect the glass bottle’s price. If the quantity of order is small, the transprot cost, port surcharge, commodity inspection fee and customs charges will be in a high proportion in the payment. And the distance from the manufactory to destination also can affect the freight fee.
4.Packing way of the glass bottles: the packing ways o the glass bottles have 3 ways: carton packing, pallet packing and pallet with carton packing. Different packing way has different cost for the glass bottles. So the packing ways is one of the factors that affect the glass bottles price.

About the above information, we will know that the glass bottles manufactory give the offer will not baseless and they are based on the cost for them. If you want to know more information about the glass bottles, welcome to visit our website rsglassbottle or call us.

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