We would see many kinds of glass bottles in the daily life, such as food packaging container, water glass bottles and so on. And we would like glass bottles rather than other bottles. This is why? What is the advantages of glass bottles?

750ML 750G 375ML 420GFirstly, good transparency

Mostly of the glass bottles are colorless and transparency, even though there are some amber glass bottles, green glass bottles and some other colorful bottles. In the food packaging container, we can see the color and size of the contents. In the liquor glass bottles, we can see if the liquor is delaminated or deposited.

Second, good chemical stability

Some containers would has the problem of the containers are corroded by beverages as the material. This is dirctly related to the safety of the food, so many countries attach great importance to it. But if using the glass bottles, it will not apear this problem. This is because the glass bottles with good chemical stability. This is one of the advantages of glass bottles.

Thirdly, good seal_DSC0741

Whether it is nonalcoholic beverages or alcoholic beverages, the glass bottles can guarantee a complete seal. And the seal of the glass bottles are better than plastic bottles and paper containers. The glass bottles can keep the taste of the beverages, and prevent the outside air into the bottles change the taste of the beverage.

Fourthly, various shape

According the kinds of beverages, form of beverage and so on, we can make the glass bottle into many various shapes.

Fifth, the wide range of usage

As the glass bottles can keep the contents taste and keep them for long time. There are wide range of usage for the glass bottles.

The glass bottles as a good packaging material. It also has other advantages.
1.Chemical inertness. The glass bottles would not react chemically with the goods which packaging by the glass bottles.
2. Good barrier resistance. The glass bottles can be completely separate water vapor and gases. It’s very beneficial for the goods stock.
3. Large rigidity. The glass bottle will keep the same shape during the sale season. We can reduce the packing cost.
4. Strong internal pressure. Some glass bottles would be filled with the carbonated beverage, it very importance to has strong internal pressure.
5. Good heat resistance. The main occasions which the goods need high temperature in the packing are hot filling, in the container to cook or disinfect sterilization, steam hot air on the container for disinfection. The glass bottles can withstand temperatures greater than 500oC, and are suitable for any packaging use.

These are the advantages of glass bottles. If you want to know more information about the glass bottles, welcome to contact with us.

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