The Press & Blow Process (1882) began with the idea of a bottle-making process until 1880. Many researchers have endeavored to use the container press process, which has been invented and put into production, as a glass bottle making process The first step. In 1882, Arbogost (Arbogost) in the United States to obtain a patent, which includes the use of pressure, transfer, and then blow molding in another mold into a glass bottle. Using the principle of this patent, it created a pressure and blowing method of manufacturing jars of semi-automatic glass bottles of the era of technology, glass liquid 100% of the use. 1885 has been able to machine the mouth of the domestic production of thread canned glass bottles. So that the glass industry began a new era.

At about the same time in 1885 the United Kingdom Ashley (Ashley) made by blowing and blowing the production of small mouth glass bottles of the basic principles. After careful analysis, he found that the mold must be upside down, mold bottom open up, in order to have enough holes to accept the glass gob. At the same time the glass mouth must first shape, to make the embryo turn to mold, but also must use a vise to carry out the blank conversion and transfer. After a series of experiments, a process called “Settle Blow” and “Counter Blow” using compressed air in the preliminary mold was developed. Until today, although this process has been improved and improved, but the basic principle remains unchanged.

The above two methods of glass bottles, the principle is to make a billet, the initial embryo and glass bottles finished like baby and adult. This billet has a complete bottle. The preform is then manually or mechanically moved into the mold and blown into a final bottle shape. To make the final product.

It is called the bottle two-step method, the two bottle-making process, making the bottle bottle and the bottle at one time to complete, and make 100% of the glass liquid to be used, making bottle technology has been revolutionary development.

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