Glass bottle manufacturing process is simple, free-changing shape, hardness, heat, clean, easy to clean, and can be reused and so on. First of all, to determine the design and manufacture of molds, glass raw materials to quartz sand as the main raw material, together with other accessories dissolved in liquid at high temperature, and then into the mold oil bottles, cooling, incision, tempering, the formation of glass bottles. Glass bottles are generally rigid signs, signs are made from the shape of the mold. Glass bottle molding according to the production method can be divided into artificial blowing, mechanical blowing and extrusion molding three.

Glass bottle production process Description:

Glass bottle production process include, raw materials pre-processing. The raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are pulverized to dry the damp raw materials, and the iron-containing raw materials are iron-treated to ensure the quality of the glass. Preparation of materials with the fusion. Glass batch in the pool or pool furnace for high temperature 1550 ~ 1600 degrees, heating, so that the formation of uniform, no bubbles, and meet the molding requirements of liquid glass molding. The liquid glass into the mold into the desired shape of the glass products, such as flat, a variety of containers such as heat treatment. By annealing, quenching and other processes to eliminate or produce glass internal stress, phase or crystallization, and change the structure of the glass state.

1, Food glass bottles
Uses and related requirements: food packaging containers, food packaging supplies, consumption of large. Glass bottles need to pass the food commodity inspection, in line with national health standards. For a variety of state food, in order to prevent deterioration of food, tight cap tightness, such as the need to do high-temperature sterilization, the tank temperature must be 130 degrees Celsius.

2, Gift glass bottles
Use and related requirements: gift packaging containers, commonly used in ornamental, furnishings, gifts. Pay attention to the shape of the glass bottle, glass bottle material demanding, transparent the higher the better.

3, Medical glass bottles
Uses and related requirements: Drug packaging containers, medical equipment, commonly used in drug packaging, requires a bottle with shading properties, the bottle is generally brown, green, black, the user should provide proof of medical packaging. Another commonly used in the glass to the cupping.

4, Chemical test glass bottles
Use and related requirements: chemical containers and test equipment, strict requirements on the capacity of glass bottles, cap requirements from the need to have anti-corrosion function.

5, Other fine glass products

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