Many of glass bottles purchasing officer would like to visit the glass bottles manufactory after them get and confirm the samples. Let us told you the processing of the glass bottle making.

Raw material ⇒ Batch plant⇒ Melting⇒ Feeding⇒  Forming ⇒ Annealing⇒ Inspection⇒  Additional processing ⇒ Packing and shipment

Product Flow
The main process specification

Generally speaking, the main production workshop of glass bottle manufactory is including ingredients workshop, melting workshop (including furnace), broken glass processing workshop, machine repair workshop, raw materials workshop, packaging materials workshop and so on. And with a complete set of public works there is a gas station (heavy oil, gas pressure regulating station), air compressor station, transformer room, water pumping stations, sewage treatment station, platform and services facilities, dormitory, Office, dining room, bathroom and other monomers.

The processing of making the glass bottles should as bellowing: The silica sand, soda ash, limestone, and others raw material are weight and mixing with a definite proportion in the batch plant, then send them by the transport equipment to the hopper at the melting furnace. The mixed raw materials will become glass melt under the 1,550oC in the melting furnace. The glass melt will be sent to the glass bottle – forming machine via the feeder and will be shaped according the designed bottle shape. After the bottle is shaped, them will enter the annealing furnace to annealing the bottles. After annealing in the lehr, the glass bottles is strictly checked on automatic inspection machine and visually inspect each bottle to confirm quality by skilled technicians. The glass bottles will be packing and shipment if the bottles are meeting the requirements.

(1)Batch plant: In this plant, there is generally has a warehouse for the all kinds raw mateiral, lifting equipment, weighing equipment, mixing equipment and so on. Its work is to weighting and mixing the mineral and chemical materials with proporation become to glass batch. The mainly raw materials of glass bottles are quartz sand, sodium carbonate, borax, broken glass and so on.
(2)Melting plant: This plant is the main production workshop for the glass bottles. In generally speaking, there are glass melting furnace, forehearths, bottle-shape machine, annealing furnace, inspection, packing and shipment and so on. At present, the workshop generally uses two layers (three layers of local) layout, forming equipment (bottle machine), annealing furnace, inspection and packaging equipment placed on the second floor.


The processing technique of glass bottles

The processing technique of glass bottles as bellowing
1.The pre-processing of raw materials. Frist, we should make the block raw material ( such as quartz sand, sodium carbonate, limestone, broken glass and so on) to power. Dry the damp materials, and remove the iron from the raw meterials. This step is very important, it’s make sure the glass bottle quality.
2.The making of glass batch. The right glass batch can make the good glass bottles.
3.The melting of glass melt. The glass batch in the kiln or furnace for high temperature heating, so that the glass batch become the liquid glass with uniform, no bubbles and meeting the molding requirements.
4.Shape the glass bottles. The liquid glass enter the bottle mold, and shape the glass bottles according the mold.
5.Heat treatment. Through the annealing, quenching and other processes to eliminate or produce the internal stress of the glass bottles, split or crystallization, and change the structure of the glass bottles state.

The above is the processing of making glass bottles. If you want to know more information about that, welcome to visit our website or contact with us.

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