The glass bottles are one of the mainly packing for food packaging. They are made in glass raw material for different shape. But all of them has three parts. I  will tell you the parts of glass bottles as bellowing.

The parts of glass bottles

1.Bottle mouth

The bottle mouth is passage which the food enter the bottle and the place sealed with the cap. The bottle mouth is including the sealing surfacce, bead, seam and necking blank mould match. And the type of the bottle mouth has guala cover mouth, screw cover mouth, crown cover mouth, pry cover mouth and so on.

2.Bottle body

The bottle body is the mainly part of the glass bottles.It is including the neck, shoulder, body, mold seam, insweep heel and so on. The measure of the glass bottle body is decide the glass bottle capacity. The shape of the body is affect the bottles’ shape, and it’s also effect the food filling and usage.

If the customer want to sticker their label on the bottle, there is also can make label recess on the bottles according the label size and shape.
If the customer want the make their logo on the bottles, there is also can make emboss on the bottle body if the logo’s line is not too thin.

3.Bottle bottom

The bottle bottom is including the bottom base and bottom plate match. The bottom base face is ring plane, and can make the glass bottle stand up stationary. And the bottle bottom indent usually push up, so that the bottle can bear the internal pressure. The bottom base or the bottom indent can use dot or stripe to make the bottle more stabilized when they stand up, and can reduce the abrasion,increased the strength of the bottles internal pressure,and can reduce the heat shock for the glass bottles. The bottle bottom also can show the manufacturing date, the mold number, logo and so on.

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