The origin of glass
Blowing has a long and rich history it is one of the oldest forms of sculpture. in the world yet creation and discovery of glass more than 350,000 years ago is shrouded in mystery there are many myths about the discovery of glass the Roman historian finding attributed the discovery of glass to the Phoenician. sailors he recounted how the sailors landed on a beach and prepared to cook. they placed a pot on some blocks of nature on a natural alkali they were carrying as cargo and proceeded to build a fire over which to cook a meal to their surprise the sands next to the nature and melted and ran into a liquid stream when the Sam cooled and hardened into glass so it is unlikely that this myth is true no one knows how it was actually discovered so what is glass and how is it made. glass is a unique material shiny hard fragile it can be a liquid and solid it occurs in nature when a multi-material cool so quickly and it’s Adams do not have enough time to organize into crystallized arrangements scientists sometimes call it a rigid liquid obsidian or volcanic glass is an example of molten rock that has cold quickly another example our full rides or petrified lightning made from lightning melting sand on contact man-made glass is made out of ordinary materials that can be found almost anywhere sand is the main ingredient in glass it is mixed with ashes or other alkali so that the sand melts at a lower temperature and lime made from crushed stones to stabilize it and protect the glass from water. it is an amorphous solid meaning it changes form from a topic like liquid to a hard solid similarly to how water changes to ice when it is molten glass can be molded and shaped in various forms it takes a lot of practice skill and patience to work with molten glass it can take decades to develop enough skill to be a master glassblower a craftsman who works with class is called a camper gaffer is a word of respect that was used for an old person in the 16th century in Europe very little is known about the techniques of glass flowing throughout history its secrets were carefully guarded by gamblers and glass warring families gaffers developed their own tools and techniques to manipulate the molten-glass the secrets were passed down from teacher to students for the years what is known is that the use of glass was developed first in the Middle East glass was used to decorate small vessel it was used in Egypt in Asia to make decorative valuables when the Roman Empire expanded to Egypt and the Middle East and absorbed the use of glass the Romans further develop the use of glass by developing the technique of glassblowing instead of wrapping glass around a small mold a blue air into the glass making a bubble bubble and then being manipulated into many different forms this technique of glassblowing it possible to make large containers out of glass.
The use of glass has been expanded and vital and technological advancement and this only the beginning.

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