Plastic bottles are take more and more market share in this years as its advantage of easy to carry, not afraid to fall, easy to production and so on. And the glass bottles are get less and less market share, so more and more people think that the plastic bottles will replace the glass bottle in the packing market.
But I don’t agree with that, I think glass bottles better than plastic bottles. The reason as bellowing.

First, Glass bottles are made by quartz sand, sodium carbonate, cullet and so on. The source of the raw material is very wide, we cannot afraid the lack of the raw material. And the glass bottles can be reused for many times, so can reduce the cost of the use of manufacturers. And there are environmentally friendly as the glass bottles can be reused for many fields. Broken glass bottles are recycled.

Glass bottle raw material

But the raw material of the plastic bottles are petroleum. The petroleum will be less and less and until be disappear in someday. And the plastic bottles cannot be reused as they will trigger some chemical reaction when they are reused. And there are plasticizer and BPA in the plastic bottles, it is harmful for people’s health if we use the plastic bottles for long time such as headache, dizziness, nausea, memory deterioration and so on.

plastic raw material - oil

Second, the glass bottles are good chemical stability, there are non-toxic and tasteless, very clean and has no bad effect for the goods in the glass bottles. And due to the stability of its chemical properties, the glass bottles has excellent acid and alkali resistance, color fastness and oxidation resistance. It’s hard to cause a chemical reaction between the goods in the bottles and the bottles.

The plastic bottles have larger permeability for oxygen and carbon monoxide than glass bottles. The plastic bottle can cause a chemical reaction between the object to be packaged and the plastic bottles. If we use the plastic bottles for a long time, it is will bad for our body.

Third, the glass bottles not only can be used for kill the virus of the goods in high temperature, but also can be used for storage the goods in low temperature. And the glass bottles has good rigidity, it’s not easy out of shape.

The plastic bottles can be used for storage in low temperature, but cannot be used for kill the virus in high temperature as it will become to fluid in high temperature.

The plastic bottle out of shape

Fourthly, mostly of the glass bottles has high weight, it would has a good feeling when you get it in hand, and it looks in a top grade. And the glass bottles can show the goods in the bottles clearly, everyone can view the prpduct easily.
The plastic bottles are lack of feeling. And it will looks bad if you use it for more than one times.

glass bottle for storage

The above are the different from the glass bottles and the plastic bottles, according the compare for them, we know that the plastic bottles has many place to improved, and the glass bottles are better than the plastic bottles in nowadays.

If you want to use the glass bottles for packing, there is a good choose for you like the, as the company sales glass bottles for high quality.

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