Wine and glass bottle, likes as horse and saddle. As the saying goes: Strong horse with strong saddle , Good wine also needs beautifully designed glass bottles to intuitively reflect its meaning and value.


Not only the intoxicating wine, but also the variety of glass bottles is the belove in the heart of the winemakers. Although the glass bottle is not necessarily large, but there are everywhere imaginative details, vividly demonstrated the cultural elements. Lots of wine bottles, let people seem to hear the take between designers and appreciators across the time and space, see a showcase of Chinese civilization handed down masterpiece. Around the world, there are a large number of enthusiasts who specialize in bottle collection.

If the fragrant wine is the art of smell and taste, then the exquisite and unique bottle is a visual art. A unique design concept of the bottle, can make a wine more complete. This tasting process is from the eyes, from the eye to get started playing, then smell, drink, the human senses all-round mobilization, so that the charm of a wine in a number of different latitudes on the extension, Step by step capture the audience.

700ml 850g

Wine culture has infiltrated people’s daily life, more and more people are drinking at the same time more emphasis on cultural tastes. In fact, many people especially young people, the understanding and interest of the wine are often from the packaging began, beautiful bottle design not only in the party to bring the United States to enjoy the drink to enjoy, become talked about after dinner meal, and Has become a beautiful memory. Each bottle has been beautifully designed, with color, shape and details, touched every viewer.

There is a story behind every bottle, every bottle has a story, beautiful bottles speak, and even sing. It can be said that the glass bottle is the best spokesman for wine.

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