High flint glass bottles, also called crystal white glass bottles. Different olfactory has different formulas for it, and all keep it secret. But the mainly raw material is the same.

Today I will tell you one of the formula for the high flint glass bottles.

The rate of the contents in the high flint glass bottles is 20% cullet and 80% mixed batch. And the mixed batch including 51% – 54 % quartz sand, 8% -10% feldspar, 7% -9% calcite, 1% -2% fluorspar, 14% -16% sodium carbonate, 5% – 8% dolomite, 0.65% – 0.81% salt, some selenium powder and cobalt powder. And the rate of selenium powder and cobalt power is optional.


Using this formula can make improve the glass bottles’ appearance quality and physical and chemical property. It’s also can reduce the furnace melting temperature, reduce the energy consumption. This is very friendly for the environment.

The high flint glass bottles can show the quality of products inside as its high transparency. The glass bottles are very clear, without any impurity, and it looks fancy.

There are many kinds of high flint glass bottles, and which bottles are suit for high flint material in the production? There are wine bottles, beverage bottles, juice bottles, cooking oil bottles, olive oil bottles, camellia oil bottles, water bottles and so on.

This high flint glass bottles are suitable for fully automated mass production. The rsglassbottle.com has invested 2 production lines of the most advanced 8S fully automatic machine for making the high flint glass bottles. Its production scale is the moderate and production technology is mature, very suitable for mass production in any batches.

750ml wine bottle

The processing of high flint glass bottles as following: The silica sand, soda ash, limestone, and others raw material are weight and mixing with a definite proportion in the batch plant, then send them by the transport equipment to the hopper at the melting furnace. The mixed raw materials will become glass melt under the 1,550oC in the melting furnace. The glass melt will be sent to the glass bottle – forming machine via the feeder and will be shaped according the designed bottle shape. After the bottle is shaped, them will enter the annealing furnace to annealing the bottles.

The heat treatment of flint glass bottles is through the annealing, quenching and other processes to eliminate or produce the internal stress of the glass bottles, split or crystallization, and change the structure of the glass bottles state. The high flint glass bottles are soda-lime glass bottles, they are very friendly for the environment, more and more people love them.

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