Different glass has different chemical and physical composition and they can make different glass bottles. Today I will tell you the chemical and physical compostion of diffrerent glass bottles.

According the mainly composition of glass, the glass bottles usually be divided into oxide glass bottles and nonoxide glass bottles.

About the nonoxide glass, there are extremely rare in the types and quantities. The nonoxide glass are including chalcogenide glass bottles and halide glass . Most of the anions of chalcogenide glass are sulfur, selenium, tellurium and so on, they can cut offer short wavelength light and through the yellow, red, and near, far infrared light. Their resistance is low, with the characteristics of switching and memory. The halide glass with low refractive index, low dispersion, widely used as optical glass.

About the oxide glass , they are divided into silicate glass , borate glass , phosphate glass and so on. The silicate glass refers the glass bottle which basic composition is SiO2, they are used for a widely range.
Usually according to the SiO2 and alkali metals, alkaline earth metal oxides of different content in the glass, the glass is divided into: quartz glass, high silica glass, soda-lime glass, lead silicate glass, aluminosilicate glass, borosilicate glass and so on.

1.Quartz glass. The content of SiO2 is more than 99.5%. It’s has low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, chemical stability, through the ultraviolet and infrared light, high melting temperature, big viscosity, difficult to shape. They are used for semiconductors, electric light sources, optical communication, laser and other technologies and optical instruments.
2.High silica glass. The content of SiO2 is about 96%. Its property is similar as the quartz glass.
3.Soda- lime glass. The main components of soda-lime glass is SiO2, and also has 15% Na2O and 16% CaO. As their cost is low, easy to shape, its suit for mass production. Its production accounted for 90% of practical glass. The glass can be used as glass bottle jar, glass bulb and so on. The glass bottles manufactory usually use this glass to make all kinds of glass bottles, glass jar, glass container and so on.

color bottle
4.Lead silicate glass. The main components of lead silicate glass is SiO2 and PbO. It can be used as glass bulb, crystal glass container, and so on as it with high refractive index and high volume resistance, and the metal has a good wetting.
5.Aluminosilicate glass. Its main components is SiO2 and Al2O3. It can be used for bulb, High temperature glass thermometer, Chemical combustion tube and so on.
6.Borosilicate glass. This glass main components is SiO2 and B2O3. It’s has good heat resistance and chemical stability, can be used for cooking utensils and so on.

The above are the different glass bottles with physical and chemical composition. If you want to know more informations, welcome to contact with us.

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