brandy spirit glass bottles top grade super flint glass

brandy spirit glass bottles top grade super flint glass can be frosted, decaled label, gold stamped, silkscreen, painted, hot stamped,sand blasted and painted etc. OEM and ODM is welcome. our company is located in the beautiful shrine---

brandy spirit glass bottles top grade super flint glass As a professional manufactor of glass bottles,Ruisheng glass has a state of the art manufacturing unit,which include glass decorating furnace fully operated by electric and comprehensive processing of frosting, gold stamping, hot stamping, silkscreen printing, labeling, painting, sand blasting and other features that are needed for manufacturing the best glass bottles , our brandy spirit glass bottles top grade super flint glass is hot selling now, and famous all over the world!

We always adhere to the”manufacture products,services high-end”business idea,the investment of more than 8000 million yuan to introduct 3 bottle the most advanced production line of hand white crystalline materials.And the introduction of artficial material selecting and production of special-shaped bottle and crystal glass bottle productionn line.

brandy spirit glass bottles top grade super flint glass

Net capacity:500ml



Material:Crystal Glass,Super Flint Glass

MOQ: 10,000 pieces

Port: FOB Qingdao

brandy spirit glass bottles top grade super flint glass can be frosted, decaled label, gold stamped, silkscreen, painted, hot stamped,sand blasted and painted etc. OEM and ODM is welcome. our company is located in the beautiful shrine—Shandong Yuncheng Water Margin, it is the home of the mother country. Yuncheng  glass industrial park is the largest compny specializing in the production of glass products,is the glass industry’s leading enterprises,our company provide all kinds of bottles, such as white wine bottles, high-end bottles, foreign bottles, vodka bottles, wine bottles, glass bottles, ordinary bottles,high white material bottles,crystal white material bottles ,small bottles, general whitematerial bottle, crystal white material bottles,700ml bottles, 500ml bottles, existing mold timely delivery and reasonable price, welcome to purchase order from us !

Greet the dawn, Ruisheng glass is moving glass best industry China.Despite difficulties, positive improved.We are glad to establish business relation and cooperation.

Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd.

TEL:+86-530 5678579

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