750ml vodka glass bottle for wholesale

750ml vodka glass bottle with cork sealed, and competitive price and high quality, have got a good reputation amond our customers.

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750ml vodka glass bottle for wholesale, standard design and shape for the most famous vodka brand.This cute flat glass bottle is made of super flint material/extra white flint material. The most obvious character for super flint 750ml vodka bottle is that the pure clear color, without green or yellow colors. Meanwhile the thick bottom is also one of the most important feature, it makes the bottle more elegant and looks like for top grade, it is about 2cm, with even glass wall on the bottom and the neck. For further specifications please refer to the following data.

Net Capacity: 750ml

Weight: 680g

Height: 228mm

Diameter: 92.3mm


Material: Crystal White Glass/Super Flint Glass/Extra white flint Glass(Based on different market habit)

MOQ:10000 pieces

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