26Apr 2017

Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest modern glass bottle manufactory in China. The factory is located in Yuncheng, Shandong,it is near the second biggest port in China- Qingdao. We provide the glass bottles for a wide range of applications such as wine bottle, drinking bottle, oil bottle, vinegar bottle, sauce […]

21Apr 2017

Before we making the glass bottles, its better to know its basic knowledge of the glass bottles raw material. Glass bottles as packaging meterials are mainly used for food, oil, alcohol, beverage, spices, cosmetics and liquid chemical products, used in a very wide range. But the glass bottles also has its shortcomings, such as heavy, […]

18Apr 2017

The glass bottles are made of glass raw materials. There are many kinds of glass bottles, such as transparent glass bottles, green glass bottles, brown glass bottles, blue glass bottles, dark green glass bottles. The transparent glass bottles are used for a wide ranges, and there are many types for the transparent glass bottle. The market […]

01Mar 2017

The origin of glass Blowing has a long and rich history it is one of the oldest forms of sculpture. in the world yet creation and discovery of glass more than 350,000 years ago is shrouded in mystery there are many myths about the discovery of glass the Roman historian finding attributed the discovery of […]

15Feb 2017

Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Yuncheng Shandong ,China.With the operation principle of “high quality and high definition”, our company has invested more than 5million dollars in 3 production lines of the most advanced CNC Manual machines, 4 production lines of CNC Semi-automatic machines. CNC machines are used to produce top grade […]

17Jan 2017

Hello, everyone. It is a good news! We will attend the World Food MOSCOW on 6th, Feb, 2017 to 10th. Feb, 2017. The Fair be on the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. and its address is Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14,Moscow, Russia, 123100. If you are interested in our glass bottles and want to talk more about them, […]

04Jan 2017

From the historical experience in review and summary of history, in the summary of history can look to the future. The glass industry has encountered unprecedented development opportunities, but also suffered an unprecedented development dilemma, the rational use of resources, energy saving and environmental protection and quality is the theme of future research and development. […]

22Dec 2016

Glass bottle manufacturing process is simple, free-changing shape, hardness, heat, clean, easy to clean, and can be reused and so on. First of all, to determine the design and manufacture of molds, glass raw materials to quartz sand as the main raw material, together with other accessories dissolved in liquid at high temperature, and then […]

19Dec 2016

The Press & Blow Process (1882) began with the idea of a bottle-making process until 1880. Many researchers have endeavored to use the container press process, which has been invented and put into production, as a glass bottle making process The first step. In 1882, Arbogost (Arbogost) in the United States to obtain a patent, […]