As more and more customers purchased glass bottles from our factory, our factory need to make more and more glass botle for per days. In order to meet the customers’ demands, and supply more and better glass bottle, we introduced a new full automatic machine this year.

In June 26th, Our new furnace and the new machine was finished. On that day, we fired the furnace and made our new machine under installation and commissioning. After several days for debug working, our this machine is put into production in the July 20th.

Our this machine is full automatic making glass bottle, it will make the glass bottle more perfect quality, high transparency, and smooth surface. This machine will make about 40000pcs bottle per day, and it is about twice putout than our machine in before.

After our this machine pit into production, we will make the bottle fast and will cut down the delivery time if customer neeed urgent order.


If you want to make glass bottles, welcome to contact with us or visit our factory.


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