whether    Whether you are a professional producer of liquor, or a wine collector, when you research or develop a liquor, and find a wine you love, it’s packaging and storage has become a problem bothers you. How to find an attractive appearance and good storage effecting of the bottle it? Now, we’re going to explore  How to Select Glass Bottles for Your Liquor
1, According to the type of wine bottle selection of different materials
We all know there are all kinds of liquor around the world,such as wine, vodka,brandy,,tequila,beer,cocktail,mixed drink, liqueur,etc.So at first, you need to know what kinds of the liquor that you install it in the glass bottles.


2, According to the collection method to select a different bottle of wine.
There are several wine needs to gray glass bottles in collection,for example, red wine, while others are not, such as liquor, vodka.

glass bottles for wine

glass bottles for wine

glass bottles for liquor










3,Bottle Sealing.That depends on the credit cap gasket, the cap gasket between glass bottles and bottle caps, played a major role in sealing.
4,The quality standards of glass bottles
From product quality standards in the manufacture can be analyzed to determine the merits of the product quality. So in the selection of the bottle, be sure to pay attention to product quality standards
This is a few suggestions we want to help, but also hope that every customer can buy your favorite bottle.

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