10Jun 2017

Many of glass bottles purchasing officer would like to visit the glass bottles manufactory after them get and confirm the samples. Let us told you the processing of the glass bottle making. Raw material ⇒ Batch plant⇒ Melting⇒ Feeding⇒  Forming ⇒ Annealing⇒ Inspection⇒  Additional processing ⇒ Packing and shipment The main process specification Generally speaking, […]

22Jun 2017

High flint glass bottles, also called crystal white glass bottles. Different olfactory has different formulas for it, and all keep it secret. But the mainly raw material is the same. Today I will tell you one of the formula for the high flint glass bottles. The rate of the contents in the high flint glass […]

03Jul 2017

We would see many kinds of glass bottles in the daily life, such as food packaging container, water glass bottles and so on. And we would like glass bottles rather than other bottles. This is why? What is the advantages of glass bottles? Firstly, good transparency Mostly of the glass bottles are colorless and transparency, […]

17Jul 2017

There are two kinds of machine to make the glass bottles in Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. One is manual machine making glass bottle and other is rank machine making glass bottle. So how to konw different glass bottles with different machine and which kinds glass bottles are make by manual machine or rank […]

07Aug 2017

Many buyers very concerned about for the price of the glass bottle, as the glass bottles affect the cost of their products. So which factors affect the price of the glass bottles? Let the glass bottle manufactory – Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd. tell us the factors which affect the glass bottles’ price. Hope […]

19Jan 2018

Wine and glass bottle, likes as horse and saddle. As the saying goes: Strong horse with strong saddle , Good wine also needs beautifully designed glass bottles to intuitively reflect its meaning and value. Not only the intoxicating wine, but also the variety of glass bottles is the belove in the heart of the winemakers. […]