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Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd is in Yuncheng, Shandong,the foundations of glass in China.The purpose of Ruisheng is” to create competitive products and serve the high-ends” all the time, our company invests more than Ten million US dollars to introduce 3 production lines of crystal white, 2 production lines of full-electric glass decorating furnace. And also introduce the production lines to select materials manually to produce complicated-shape bottles and crystal glass bottle caps. The company actively expands the deep processing business of glass bottles.We also have the comprehensive process of frosting, decal label, gold stamping, silk screenprinting ,hot stamping,sand blasting,painting etc..OEM and ODM is welcome.We are pleased to design or produce your own bottles,exactly same with your idea and drawing.What we want to do is offer one-stop service to every friend.

01Mar 2017

The origin of glass Blowing has a long and rich history it is one of the oldest forms of sculpture. in the world yet creation and discovery of glass more than 350,000 years ago is shrouded in mystery there are many myths about the discovery of glass the Roman historian finding attributed the discovery of […]